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About Us

Our journey into Outdoor Furniture Business

In a joking manner, owner David Jordan - "YellowRaven", said he was going to build picnic tables as a hobby to help break depression from heart issues.  His daughter took him serious and started posting pictures of some items that he built.  Evidently God had bigger plans because we now offer various outdoor furniture and custom built items along with signs and plaques.  The business has turned into a family ordeal with "YellowRaven", wife Tina, daughter Ashley and son Joe working many hours together to meet customers' wishes. The funny part of it all is the first picnic table built was a custom HUGE picnic table.      

Since the business began we have grown into several styles of outdoor furniture that we try to keep in stock for our customers.   From deck chairs, rocking chairs, standard high chairs, chairs for children, tables to match the chairs, picnic tables for adults and children, shooting table, swings of all sizes to wishing wells, bird feeders and even squirrel feeders.    We have changed the website for easier view of  the different categories.    We are always trying to expand our outdoor furniture offerings.  So come back soon to visit the website or find us on facebook for any new items we may start to offer.  




David Jordan 

Co - Owner

Tina Jordan

Sales/Marketing Mgr

Mary Henneberg


Joe Jordan

Swings and Gliders


Swing with Treated A-frame

We have available  4 ft treated swing with treated A-frame or if you like the burnt look we can offer you a 4 ft burnt and clear coat swing with treated A-frame.


We also offer a 4ft Glider. This can be ordered as treated (shown here) or burnt and clear coat.

All our burnt and clear coat products have three coats of poly on them!  Overall length is 76 inches. Width 30 inches. 38 inches tall.


This is a Double Glider with a table in the center attached.

WE also offer this item in treated (shown here) and burnt and clear coat. Overall length 108 inches.  Width 30 inches. 38 inches tall.

Other Swings


Child Outdoor Swing

Handmade child swing comes with chains to hang and a safety chain in front.  We offer this item in treated and burnt/clear coat.


4ft Burnt/clear coat swing with chains

Example 4ft  burnt/clear coat swing with chains.


2 ft Chair Glider Swing

Don't have the space for a 4ft Glider, then maybe this 2ft Chair Glider is perfect for you! 49 inches in length  Width is 30 inches.  38 inches tall

Deck chair and table set


All outdoor furniture is handmade.

We can do treated or the beautiful burnt/clear coat.   Order two chairs and a deck table for special pricing.


Treated Rocker

This rocker is equipped with cupholders too!!


Outdoor deck Chair - Treated

This deck chair looks great in a yard and porch. It comes with cup holders drilled.

More Chairs


Selection of Child outdoor furniture.

So many pieces in child sizes now to match the adult sets!  Make an appointment to come and see!


Child Rocker

Child Rocking chair burned white pine and finished.


Standard Chair

Standard Chair treated with cup holders. We also offer a table in our table selection.


Customized Rocker with Name

Yes we can customize now.   Contact us for more details.



Nice deck chair table with a deck chair.


Deck Table

Nice burnt/poly Deck Chair Table. 42 inches tall x 24" w x 25" L  

We offer this also in Treated (below).


Standard Table

Treated standard Table.  24 inches tall x 24" w x 25" L  

Would look great with rockers and standard chairs.


Double gun shooting table!

Treated Table  - 72 inch wide x narrow point 24 inch. Width 48 inch. Height 30 inch for table. 16 inch bench height.


We offer child size picnic tables and 6ft Adult picnic tables.

These are offered in treated and burnt/clear coat.


Beautiful Burnt and Clear Coated 6ft Adult Picnic Table.

Child size is also offered in burnt/clear coat.

Decor products for the yard


Would you like a wishing well you can decorate? We have treated and cedar options available.

Give us a call to ask for current pricing and availability.


Bird feeder swing for your singing friends.

These are made from treated material and are so cute hanging from your BIG swing.


Give the squirrels their own picnic table!

This is all made from treated material.  And even a board so you can screw to a fence or tree.

Plaques and signs.

New 3D plaque

Carved Soldier Plaque

Carved Soldier Plaque


This is brand new item.  This is a 3D carving out of pine that can be burned or painted.  The picture really does not show the great details.  Contact us for more details.

Carved Soldier Plaque

Carved Soldier Plaque

Carved Soldier Plaque


Carved fallen soldier plaque.

Carved and painted

Carved Soldier Plaque

Carved and painted


This eagle was carved after wood was burnt,  Then a special touch of color was added.

Cowboys fan?

Cowboys fan?

Carved and painted


This is the bottom of corn hole board that was carved.

Texan Fan??

Cowboys fan?

Texan Fan??


Sign to show your team spirit..   Wood was burnt, then carved.  Then two coats of poly for protection.

Astro Fan?

Cowboys fan?

Texan Fan??


Sign carved from cedar wood.

Examples of More CNC - This is just a few

Texan Flag

Team spirit Cowboys

Shaped of Texas

Texas Flag 3D

3D Texas Flag painted on wood

Shaped of Texas

Team spirit Cowboys

Shaped of Texas


State of Texas shape painted

Team spirit Cowboys

Team spirit Cowboys

Team spirit Cowboys


Carved on Red Cedar, painted and sealed

Team spirit Texans

Team Spirit Astros

Team spirit Cowboys


Carved on Red Cedar, painted and sealed

Team Spirit Astros

Team Spirit Astros

Team Spirit Astros


Carved on Red Cedar, painted and sealed

Cutting Boards

Team Spirit Astros

Team Spirit Astros


Carved on CNC machine, burnt and sealed


Special product Outdoor Table with Benches

Want the benches separate from your outdoor picnic table?  No problem. And they even fit underneath for storage.


Special product Planter Stand

Hexagon planter stand that is burned and finished.


Special product Hexagon Table

Beautiful 30 inch hexagon table that is burned and finished.

Other special order products

Multi-Use Table

Multi-Use Table

Multi-Use Table


Look at this table!   This is a new item.

It has a lid !

Multi-Use Table

Multi-Use Table


The lid is hiding the trash can in the middle.

Removable Top

Multi-Use Table

See easy Trash can


The top comes off for moving and storage

See easy Trash can

Plain Pine Multi-Use Table

See easy Trash can


Sturdy trash can is the center of the table top

Plain Pine Multi-Use Table

Plain Pine Multi-Use Table

Plain Pine Multi-Use Table


You can order in plain pine, finished pine, or burnt and finished pine.

Burnt and Finished Look

Plain Pine Multi-Use Table

Plain Pine Multi-Use Table


We burn and poly each piece before assembly. Then another coat of poly for protection.

Some Special order Tables and sets

Benches fit underneath table

Outside Table Sets

Beautiful Table with benches, 3 coats of polyurethane for protection against outside elements.

burned, finished table set

Octagon Table with matching stools

Octagon table and stools are burned and polyurethaned.   Contact us for pricing for your special one of kind outside table.

hexagon and octagon table

Need a special length?

Let us build you more tables and chairs for your outdoor entertaining.  Contact us for your special needs.


Special order SeeSaw!!

This is a custom made seesaw by customer specifications that was sold.  What a fun toy for the children!


Burned Grill Table

Standard size built is 39" x 18" x 32" burned and finished BBQ Table complete with hooks to hang your BBQ tools.


Fishing pier table

This table was custom built for a customer for fishing pier.


Installed Table

Customer sent us a picture after the table was installed in it's home.  


Tree Made for a Swing

Our cover photo.  This was the first swing we built for a customer.  When we saw the tree where it was to hang from we knew the tree had been waiting for this swing.  Swing is standard 4 ft.

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